BLACKPINK’s Jennie Ends Solo Stans With A Simple Response

Jennie made it very clear.

Solo stans are one of the worst things that K-Pop groups have to deal with, as they are “fans” who support 1 member of the group and seemingly ignore the other members. There have been many instances where K-Pop idols spoke up against these kinds of “fans”. BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has recently made a statement that warmed the hearts of many BLINKs.

Jennie’s love for her fellow members is quite well known, as she has showered them with love many times.

However, she was asked a specific question during a recent live broadcast. Jennie was first asked if she loved Jisoo, which she said that she did. She was then asked if she loved Lisa.

Jennie then decided to give a firm answer regarding her members.

I love each and every member, very much

— Jennie