BLACKPINK’s Jennie Explains Why She Created A Second Instagram And How She Managed It

She took her time to make it special.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie took everyone by storm when she opened up her second Instagram account, letting fans see the world through her perspective.


So, Jisoo couldn’t avoid mentioning it during their recent live broadcast and Lisa urged Jennie to explain the reasoning behind it.

Jennie said photography was something she had been interested in for a long time. So, she finally got permission to make the account and share her photos with the world.

She also shared how she chose which photos to share, sifting through all the ones she’d taken to select the right ones and uploading them one by one until it was ready. And, she’s glad that everyone likes them, even her members.

Both BLINKs and BLACKPINK were more than happy to see another side of Jennie. Listen to them discuss her photography around 8:14.