BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Rosé Rocked The Same Little Black Dress, And Slayed In Their Own Way

The idols’ visuals allowed the simple design to shine!

When it comes to K-Pop idols with impeccable taste in fashion, everyone has their own unique style that not only reflects their own personalities but that of their group. One idol group that has always gained attention for their killer fashion and looks is none other than BLACKPINK.

Members of BLACKPINK | @blackpink/ Twitter

Since debuting, the members have gained a lot of love for their different looks, whether they’re on stage, filming a music video, or just hanging out. Recently, two members of the group have gained attention for wearing the same dress but served completely different vibes, and it’s none other than Jennie and Rosé.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie (left) and Rosé (right)

Over the years, the two members have showcased their closeness in many ways, and netizens have loved seeing the members wear similar clothes to each other.

It seems like even though the members are all doing their own activities ahead of their group comeback later in the year, the duo are still showcasing that great minds think alike when it comes to outfits.

Recently, netizens noticed that both idols had shined in a little black dress from Courrèges. The Workwear Mini Dress might have a minimalistic design, but the details and craftsmanship make it worth the $640 USD price point.

In 2021, Rosé stole the hearts of netizens when she appeared on the cover of Dazed Korea. In the magazine photoshoot, Rosé looked phenomenal in the black dress creating a more bad-girl vibe by posing with a motorbike.

| Dazed Korea

As expected from such a bold concept, Rosé kept the accessories simple and allowed the idol’s visuals to shine. Teamed with a pair of chunky boots and translucent tights, a matching necklace and bracelet set perfectly allowed Rosé to be the main event and showcase her visuals and charisma.

| Dazed Korea

Earlier in the month, Jennie was seen wearing the same outfit as she showcased her stunning proportions on Instagram. Like Rosé, Jennie kept the accessories simple with the look but it was more playful as she paired it with some boots and white socks, along with a cute butterfly pendant.

| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

Whereas Rosé was quite serious in her photoshoot, Jennie had more fun because it was her own content and treated netizens to a number of different poses and expressions, showcasing her personality.

| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

Of course, with two completely different purposes, it isn’t surprising that Rosé and Jennie served completely different vibes with this single dress. Yet, there was one thing they had in common and it was the fact that their visuals were enough to make a simplistic dress shine like it was covered in crystals.

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Same Fit, Different Vibes