BLACKPINK’s Jennie Praised For Professionalism By Performing In Japan Despite Sickness

Their performance is a must-watch!

Fans were worried for BLACKPINK‘s Jennie when she was spotted looking sick in the airport last October 17. Jennie looked pale and uncomfortable, with Jisoo even leading her through the reporters.

BLINKs continued to worry when they looked tired in their Japanese promotions.

Despite being obviously unwell, Jennie did her best to attend their schedule in the Japan Music Station. She had to sit through an interview and perform the Japanese version of “Kill This Love” in front of an audience.

Jennie had noticeably good expressions in front of the camera, doing her best to smile and dance well.

Jennie was praised for her professionalism by netizens.

There are so many BLACKPINK fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was worried about Jennie because she was unwell but she did well.

Jennie’s face is so small and her aura is amazing.

She did a good job. The stage is good.

Jennie had a good interview and performance on stage.

– Korean Netizens

This marked BLACKPINK’s first appearance at the Japan Music Station. Check out BLACKPINK’s full Japan Music Station appearance below:


Source: theqoo