BLACKPINK’s Jennie Has A Unique Habit That Honestly Reveals How Comfortable She Is With Lisa

She does this habit all the time — it’s like second nature to her already.

The habits of a person reveal so many things about who the person really is: take BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, for example.

Jennie has a habit of playing with her hair while watching the television…

…which may mean that it’s a self-soothing habit that she does in order to feel calm and settled.


She is also known for her quirky habit of taking the hoods or hoodies off of plushies…

…which may mean that she has a curious and creative mind. Some BLINKs also like to believe that this means Jennie is telling the plushies that she accepts them for who they are, not for what they are wearing.

A habit is also a reflection of how a person views her relationship with other people, so whenever Jennie does this to Lisa while they’re walking…

…or while they’re just casually exploring the airport…

…or simply following their schedule, you can see that her unique habit of always clinging onto Lisa’s arm means that she feels particularly close to her.

Jennie’s adorable habit comes out whenever she’s casually walking with Lisa — and onlookers can clearly see that Lisa’s already used to it, based on her comfortable body language, too.

The concept of “personal space” doesn’t exist between these two since they are such close friends, after all.

In fact, Jennie and Lisa deeply care for one another, so they try to take turns in taking care of each other — check the next article below to see some of the most heartwarming gestures they’ve done in the name of their cute friendship.

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