BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals Where She Got Inspiration For Her Two-Toned Hair During Comeback

Jennie’s hair inspiration actually came from a genius in fashion.

BLACKPINK recently made their comeback last June 26 with their single, “How You Like That”.

And, in addition to the group’s outstanding talents and visuals displayed throughout the whole music video, fans were delighted to see Jennie don different hairstyles that all suited her.

Including her gray tinted hair, styled in a short bob…

…and her world-famous two-toned hair, also called “hairband bangs” by Korean fans.

Jennie’s hairband bangs are especially famous all over the world, as rapper Sleepy copied it after seeing their comeback…

…and several celebrities worldwide even copied her famous hairstyle, too.

Jennie’s two-toned hair even became famous in Korea, as her role as a trendsetter came into play.

This begs the question, where did Jennie get the inspiration for her hair?

It turns out she’s been wondering what to do with her hair, even before they made their comeback, as fans can see from their 24/365 show.

My biggest concern right now is what hair I should do for our comeback.

– Jennie

Jennie wanted to do her hair and get the same hairstyle like the one she did in the “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST” music video.

What I had in mind was updating the hairstyle I did for “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST”.

– Jennie

And she also thought about bleaching just the inside part of her hair to make it stand out.

I even thought about the hairstyle I did in middle school…when I bleached just the inside.

– Jennie

You know how the inside was just blond? I came up with that style.

– Jennie

It seems like Jennie got the inspiration from a fashion genius — herself! She has always been a trendsetter, after all. Want more Jennie-related content? Check out how she tried to catch Lisa’s attention in the next article below!

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