A BLINK Just Asked BLACKPINK’s Jennie To “Hit The Woah” And Her Reaction Is Definitely Not What You’d Expect At All

Jennie became a meme because of her reaction to a BLINK’s request.

BLINKs are in love with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie because of her talents in the music industry…

…such as her rapping skills and powerful dance moves.

Fans also love how Jennie’s inherent visuals can pull off any look…

…including an “ant dress” that may look out of place to others, but to Jennie, it looks like something that a high-fashion designer put together.

And the other reason why fans admire her so much? It’s because of Jennie’s cute charms! At first, Jennie looks “intimidating”…

…but she’s actually such an adorable softie at heart!

Look at her paying attention to what a BLINK was telling her.

When a BLINK requested her to “hit the woah”, Jennie was visibly confused:

“Hit the woah” is a dance trend that’s viral online, since it’s been popularized in social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

Jennie looked so adorable as she scrunched her face and struggled to figure out what the fan meant.

In the end, when another BLINK demonstrated the dance move, Jennie figured out what “hitting the woah” meant. She initially looked like she wanted to “hit it”, but she changed her mind after.

The whole interaction was totally cute as BLACKPINK met with their fans and talked to them personally.

Jennie may not have “hit the woah” completely, but her love for BLACKPINK and BLINKs is definitely evident, especially when she asked their fans to “don’t give up on them”. Check the next article to read the full details below:

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Became Emotional And Teary-Eyed While Asking Their Fans To “Don’t Give Up” On Them