Block B Jaehyo Recommended Zico Watch A Movie Starring Seolhyun

Zico was caught off guard on Comeback Table as an innocent conversation turned into an awkward situation about his past!

Jaehyo led the conversation with P.O. about the recent movies he’s been wanting to watch.

Jaehyo: Are there any good movies out these days?

P.O.: “Heart Blackened”. It was better than I thought it would be. 

Then Jaehyo unknowingly dropped a bomb of awkwardness on Zico by mentioning a movie that stars his ex-girlfriend, Seolhyun.

Jaehyo: Zico, I think you’ll like “Memoir of a Murderer”.

Zico: “Memoir of a Murderer”? Yeah, I watched it.

The awkwardness was hilarious for the viewers as Jaehyo continued to talk about the movie, clueless to the awkward conversation.

P.O.: Hyung…

Jaehyo: It’s kind of complicated, right? Well, maybe not complicated, but more like, it’s a bit…

To P.O.’s dismay and the viewers’ delight, Jaehyo didn’t catch on when P.O. tried to steer the conversation to a different topic.

P.O.: No, I mean… (hyung, stop…)

Jaehyo: Hmm? What?

Zico dutifully munched on the chicken and tried to put on a poker face as P.O. dispersed the situation.

P.O.: There are other great movies out now, too.

Zico and Seolhyun broke up about a year ago.

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Watch the awkward conversation transition in the video below.