Block B’s P.O Wouldn’t Take Off WINNER Mino’s Jacket When He Found Out How Much It Cost

If that isn’t peak best friend behavior then what is?

When Block B‘s P.O found out how much WINNER Mino‘s jacket cost on an episode of Mapo Hipster, he did what any best friend would do — immediately put it on and refused to take it off.

After showcasing some of his favorite fashion items during the show, Mino was asked what the most-treasured item he had received as a gift was. Within seconds, Mino had already picked out a precious item to share with everyone.

This particular gift was a leather jacket he had received from Louis Vuitton.

I didn’t buy this myself. It was a gift from Louis Vuitton.

— Mino

After listing off some of the jacket’s great qualities, Mino realized there was one more jacket that he wanted to share with everyone but as he left the room to go and grab it, P.O couldn’t resist asking Mino how much the leather jacket cost. The answer? Almost $10,000 USD!

How much is it?

— P.O

After getting over his initial shock, P.O did do what any best friend would do…he immediately went back to grab the jacket and put it on!

Meanwhile, Mino was completely oblivious to his bestie slipping into his jacket in the other room until the entire crew burst into laughter! But P.O didn’t care if he was being compared to Olaf from Disney’s “Frozen” because there was no way he was going to take it off!

Even a little heat couldn’t stop him from wearing it! As Mino shed his own jacket because he was more than a little warm, he couldn’t believe P.O still had the leather one on. But no matter how many times he questioned him, P.O was just not going to take it off!

I’m not hot! It gives me a feeling of security since it cost $10,000. I’m fine. I like it!

— P.O

With his hilarious insistence to keep it on until the end, P.O had fans everywhere cracking up hard! Watch all the hilarity unfold for yourself below: