Zico And Hwasa Just Became K-Pop’s Hottest, Hippest #CoupleGoals

They have the whole internet shipping hard.

In his recent Instagram share, Block B‘s Zico promoted his new upcoming release of “Any Song” by dancing alongside MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa and sending sparks flying everywhere!


These two hipsters, both chic AF in black, began grooving to Zico’s new song — and the chemistry in the video is driving K-Pop fans wild!


With Zico dressed to impress in a full suit…


… and Hwasa dropping jaws in her skin tight dress, revealing all of her curves…


… they’ve just become K-Pop’s hottest #couplegoals!


In fact, Zico and Hwasa encouraged the internet to try out the #anysongchallenge by including the hashtag in the post.

Try this yourselves!

— Zico


But the challenge aside, K-Pop fans are whipped by the visual combination — and they simply can’t help shipping this charisma-fueled couple!

Source: THEQOO