BoA Argued With Lee Soo Man Until 4 AM Because Of Kang Ho Dong

She didn’t want to come on the show because of a certain someone.

On the July 25 broadcast of JTBC’s Knowing Bros, singers BoA and Sung Shi Kyung appeared as guests on the show. BoA admitted that she was hesitant to come on the show again, making members of the show curious as to why.

This is BoA’s second time making an appearance on this show program, with her first appearance being from 2018 along with actor Lee Sang Yeop. She revealed, “I wasn’t going to come on again because of a certain someone but decided to come again.”

The reason was because of Kang Ho Dong.

“I wasn’t going to come to JTBC at all because of Kang Ho Dong.”

I thought I didn’t do too badly the last time I was on the show. But when I was asked to come out on the show again, Lee Soo Man pointed out that I was so boring the last time I was on the show. He told me to prepare a dance or an impersonation if I was going to be a guest on this show again.

– BoA

| BoA/JTBC | Lee Soo Man/Variety

BoA had to clarify to Lee Soo Man that Kang Ho Dong kept telling her to do weird things while Sang Yeop made everyone laugh with his funny impersonations. She was sad that no matter what she did, Kang didn’t give her any attention. She wondered if this was how other celebrities felt when they went on shows run by Kang Ho Dong.

She even revealed that she spent four hours arguing with Lee Soo Man about this matter. Kim Hee Chul added, “She’s known as Lee Soo Man’s daughter-like friend but she kept fighting about this.”

BoA admitted that she didn’t really like Kang even before coming out on this show.

After Kang joined SM Entertainment, the company held a competition and when she went to greet him, he ignored her. “Last time when I came on the show and greeted him, he ignored me. He only greeted me happily only when the cameras were rolling.”

Kang, who was taken aback by her stories commented, “BoA’s entertaining skills have improved drastically.”

Although this story may have been shown like this for entertainment purposes, fans also know that these two are good friends in real life and are known for joking around with one another.

Take a listen to BoA and Sung Shi Kyung’s collaboration on the show below!

Source: joongang ilbo