BoA Had Only One Condition When Picking Her “Only One” Male Dance Partner

And no, it had nothing to do with their looks 😂

She paved the way for all female K-Pop idols and she continues to slay 20 years after her debut! BoA, the queen of K-Pop, the queen of dancing is officially back and she came back hard.

| Naver

The queen herself recently made an appearance on YouTube channel, MMTG where she sat down to talk about all her hit songs. From “Atlantis Girl” to “My Name” to “Girls On Top”, the legendary K-Pop idol has endless numbers of hits under her belt. It was during the conversation about her hit songs that she revealed some behind-the-scene information about her 2012 hit song, “Only One”.

| SM Entertainment

BoA talks about how proud she is of this particular song, as she composed and wrote the lyrics herself. It was after the host revealed that the legendary idol took part in the creating the song herself that BoA had this amazing response.

It’s my baby!

— BoA

As they continued to converse about the mega hit song, BoA cutely confessed that “Only One” caused her first “argument” with SM Entertainment founder, Lee Soo Man.

He told me he doesn’t like songs about breakups. So for the first time ever, I put my foot down. I think it was my pride as a lyricist at the time.

— BoA

It was after her cute story about SM Entertainment’s father figure that they moved on to another iconic part of the song.

The host was curious about the couple dance portion of the song due to its immense popularity at the time.

The couple dance portion of the song became a hot topic.

— Host Jae Jae

She continued on to talk about the dance and poked a little bit of fun at BoA. The part in question? The eye catching leg kick move done by BoA’s male counterparts.

I noticed that only your male dance partners executed the extremely hard choreography (leg kick).

— Host Jae Jae

To which the K-Pop icon had a surprising response. She revealed to the show’s viewers and host that it was that specific dance move that created her one and only condition when looking for a dance partner.

It’s because of that move that I ended up having just one required condition.

— BoA

She revealed that she strictly only chose dance partners who could execute the leg kick move in one kick!

I only chose partners that could do that move.

— BoA

For fans who don’t know, BoA’s past “Only One” male dance partners were SHINee‘s Taemin,

TVXQ‘s Yunho,

EXO‘s Sehun,

and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk.

It seems like these four male idols impressed BoA with their leg kick ability since they got to perform it on stage with queen BoA. Netizens were also highly impressed with BoA’s “Only One” performances due to the catchy melody and intoxicating choreography!

| Hankyung

We couldn’t be more excited about BoA’s return to the K-Pop scene. Watch the rest of the interview with the queen of K-Pop, BoA, down below to hear her talk about the rest of her hit songs.