BoA Opens up About the Traumatic Hate She Suffered as a 13-Year-Old Idol

After an interview at just 13 years old, BoA faced hate for sounding “too old”.

On a recent episode of SBS’s Because I Want to Talk, BoA appeared on the show to celebrate her 20th anniversary since her debut and opened up about the trauma she faced after an interview she had at 13 years old.

The show revealed an old interview that BoA spoke in at 13 years old, and BoA explained that despite her current embarrassment, she was very happy at the time.

When I watch it now, it’s embarrassing, but I was actually very happy at that time.

– BoA

In the past interview, the interviewer asked BoA how she felt about the fact that she wouldn’t be able to go around like a normal 13-year-old anymore since she debuted, to which BoA gave an adorably mature answer.

It’s unfortunate. But it’s not like you can catch both rabbits. So I intend on working hard to catch one rabbit.

– BoA

But Boa revealed that she faced a lot of hate for her answer.

I got a lot of hate for that interview. Malicicous commenters left mean comments saying I wasn’t talking like a 13 year old, and that I sounded really old.

– BoA

She confessed that she was so traumatized by it that she never used the phrase “catching rabbits” ever again after that interview.

I’ve never said ‘catching rabbits’ since that interview. I don’t know why they hated on me so much, but using that expression made all the anti-fans pounce.

– BoA

In another video 3 months afterward, BoA said she was really young, and BoA confessed that watching the video hurts her knowing how traumatized she must have been to make that effort at just 13 years old.

I tried really hard to look young. I wanted to look naive and young, so I pretended not to know things even when I did. I must have been really hurt to say those things, so it hurts me to even watch the video.

– BoA

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch