A Very Specific Body Part Of BTS’s V Is Making Headlines For How Pretty It Is

Fans want him to show it off more!

BTS‘s V is known for his ridiculously handsome visuals and deep voice, but a very specific body part of his is circulating online due to their prettiness.

Photos of the BTS member in baggy pants have started to make their ways online. While V looks good in anything, fans think that it’s a waste for the boy group member to wear such baggy clothes when he has such gorgeous legs. Don’t believe us? Check out the photos below!

| theqoo

We have V dancing in a very dapper outfit in this little clip. The white button up layered with the brown turtleneck underneath is absolutely killer. However, the show stopper are his long legs that can be seen in the cool slacks.

We don’t know where this photo was taken, nor do we really care. What we do know is the fact that V looks 7 feet tall in this pictures because of how long and slender his legs are! We always knew his proportions were perfect, but this really proves it.

| theqoo

Having a good looking back side is such a flex and guess who has it? Of course V does. His perfect legs also look good from the back, which just proves that his stylist team needs to always dress him in slimmer fitting pants.

| theqoo

No, but like really. Who would have thought that this BTS member would have such a gorgeous figure? He is always drowning himself in baggy clothes, that no one would have known.

| theqoo

Like, seriously. V, seriously?! You’re just trying to kill us at this point.

We love that he looks amazing in both baggy pants and slimmer fitting pants. Absolute perfection!

Source: theqoo and Top Star News