Bodyguards Open Car Doors For The President But Not For K-Pop Idols, Here’s Why

Professional bodyguards revealed the insider info.

It’s normal to see bodyguards opening the car door for the president of the country…

A bodyguard opening the door for South Korean president Moon Jae In | The Korea Herald

…but it’s rare to see them opening it for idols!

TXT’s Soobin opening the door by himself

In an interview with YouTube channel AYO, professional bodyguards Yang Tae Il and Jung Seung Min revealed why that’s usually the case.

Yang Tae Il (left) and Jung Seung Min (right)

According to Yang Tae Il, they don’t open car doors for idols because idols are fully capable of doing it themselves. Idols aren’t children who always need the help of others—they are grown adults who can do basic tasks like opening doors by themselves.

When it comes to opening the car door, idols have hands too. They can open the door themselves.

— Yang Tae Il

The situation for the president, however, is different. Unlike idols, the president rides in a bulletproof car. The strong material makes it heavier than ordinary cars, and a single door can weigh hundreds of kilograms.

The car that the president takes is bulletproof. A door weighs around a few hundred kilograms.

— Yang Tae Il

Because the door is too heavy for the president to open on his own, the bodyguards around him do it in his stead.

It’s too heavy for the president to open, so bodyguards open the door for him.

— Yang Tae Il

If idols also rode in bulletproof cars, then they would also receive some help. Learn more about the industry from professional K-Pop bodyguards in the articles below!

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Source: YouTube