BOL4’s Ahn Ji Young Admits She Drives a Range Rover but Clarifies That She’s Not That Rich

“There are rumors claiming that I own buildings, shopping districts, and even a house.” – Ahn Ji Young

On a recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, BOL4‘s Ahn Ji Young addressed the rumors that she’s rich ever since it was revealed that she drives a Range Rover.

BOL4 has been very successful with hit songs such as “Some”, “To My Youth”, “Bom”, “Galaxy”, and more.

But Ahn Ji Young clarified that she’s not as rich as the media and public make her out to be.

There are rumors claiming that I own buildings, shopping districts, and even a house. But that’s not true.

– Ahn Ji Young

As she admitted that she does drive a Range Rover, she also revealed how much she actually makes.

I only have the car. I don’t have that much money. During my indie days, my music revenue was just a few hundred won (100 won = ~8 cents), but now I earn a little more than that.

– Ahn Ji Young

On top of that, Ahn Ji Young expressed her regret regarding the cancellation of her events due to COVID-19.

I was supposed to perform at an OT in March, festivals in April and May, and in June, I had concerts lined up, but I had to cancel all of that. I had 26 events lined up per month, but now I have 0.

– Ahn Ji Young


She then went on to share what she’s been doing in her spare time and even revealed her very modest wish.

These days, I spend most of my money on IPTV. My studio is also in my home, so I don’t go out much. If I get some extra cash, I want to keep watching IPTV.

– Ahn Ji Young

Ahn Ji Young recently made a comeback, which includes a duet with EXO’s Baekhyun:

Source: Insight