Former BOL4 Member Woo Ji Yoon Shows Her Love for Ahn Ji Young’s Comeback on Instagram

Woo Ji Yoon might have left the duo, but she’s still got Ahn Ji Young’s back.

It wasn’t long ago that fans were devastated about Woo Ji Yoon leaving the BOL4 duo, but she made the effort to let fans know that she’s still cheering Ahn Ji Young on.

Ahn Ji Young recently made a comeback on her own, and it’s been killing the charts as soon it was released.

And shortly after, Woo Ji Yoon took to her Instagram to show her support.


Woo Ji Yoon posted a screenshot of Ahn Ji Young’s song, “Blank”, and she accompanied the photo with the caption,

I can’t believe I’m so late!

– Woo Ji Yoon

And that’s not all.

Woo Ji Yoon also shared a screenshot of Ahn Ji Young’s “Dandelion”, and captioned it,

It’s been a long time.

– Woo Ji Yoon

Following April of last year, BOL4 made a comeback after one year.

But Woo Ji Yoon recently announced that she would be leaving the group, shocking many fans of the duo.

As a result, fans are responding to this interaction with comments such as “I wish Ji Yoon was with her, too“, “We miss you“, and “Come back to us soon“.

Some good news about Woo Ji Yoon can’t come fast enough!

Source: Dispatch