Bora and Hyorin Finally Reveal Their Real Age 7 Years After Debut

Former SISTAR member Bora and Hoyrin recently made the changes in the profiles, and fans have noticed the change!

Bora recently parted ways with STARSHIP Entertainment and signed a contract with Hook Entertainment after SISTAR’s disbandment.

Shortly after her switch, Fans noticed Bora’s profile birth year replaced from 1990 to 1989.

Source: Naver

When netizens searched for another former SISTAR member Hyorin’s name, her birth year also has been edited.

Source: News Daily

Hyorin’s birthday was switched to December of 1990, from previously noted January of 1991.

Source: Naver

Bora has always introduced herself as a fast 90, which is considered for those who are born in the earlier part of the year (January and February) who can enter the school with the kids that were born in the previous year, making them a friend even with one year age difference.

It is evident that the few months will not make any difference, and Bora has been close friends with Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Tiffany, and Taeyeon, who were all born in 1989.

“There is not a big difference in the age noted during her SISTAR promotions and the age noted currently. Bora’s profile age is based on what is marked on her resident registration card. There is only a one month difference between the two anyway.”

— A Representative from Hook Entertainment

SISTAR’s Bora wishes to work with BFF Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany

This unnecessary incident could be the result of the pressure from youth-obsessed culture that K-Pop stars have to endure, and now that they are no longer the ‘idol’, the burden may have come off.

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Fans agree that these two alumni from SISTAR look much younger than they are on the paper.

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