The Luxury Bag That Actor Park Seo Joon Helped To Sell Out

NCT’s Doyoung has it too!

It all started when Park Seo Joon appeared on Yoon’s Stay carrying this innocuous sling bag. The fabric and cut matched his puffy winter down jacket perfectly.

The bag pairs perfectly with any casual ‘fit.

He carried it around with him all the time. It even matches a more formal wool coat.

The bag, although already popular before he appeared with it, started selling out in stores and online after he was seen with it. The Padded Casette Bag by Bottega Veneta goes for around $1200 USD. It is made of nylon, which surprisingly makes it more popular amongst consumers for durability. It comes in other materials as well, such as leather. However, the padded nylon is soaring in popularity in South Korea.

| Bottega Veneta

It also comes with a small pouch that can either be attached to the inner lining or removed from the bag.

| Bottega Veneta

Not only was it spotted on Park Seo Joon, NCT‘s Doyoung also debuted the bag a couple of weeks ago.

| @do0_nct/Instagram

Will you be caving in and making the purchase?

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