A Boy Group Shockingly Won 30+ Medals In ISAC In Just 2 Years

They live up to their name.

With filming for the 2020 Idol Star Athletic Championships currently ongoing, Golden Child has been gaining attention for the sheer number of medals they have won in the past two years.

The boys began joining ISAC in the year 2018, and they have since accumulated an impressive number of medals. To tally, they have won 10 bronze medals, 8 silver medals, and 15 gold medals, totaling a whopping 33 medals.

Notably, member Sungyoon won the most number of gold medals in Golden Child whereas Jangjun garnered a total of 10 medals, the most in the group.

Judging alone by the 15 gold medals that Golden Child has won in just two years, they can already be considered one of the top groups in the competition. They will be returning in the 2020 Idol Star Athletic Championships.

Check out their winning games for the 2019 Idol Star Athletic Championships below:

60-Meter Sprint – Men

400-Meter Relay Preliminaries – Men

400-Meter Relay – Boys

Penalty Shootout Quarterfinals