Here Is What Boy Groups Do During Rehearsal When Girl Groups Are Watching

H.O gives his viewers another peek into the lives of idols!

Former MADTOWN member H.O shared another one of his experiences during his promotions as part of the idol group.


This time, he spoke about what idols go through during the shooting of music programs.

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He explained that idols usually had to spend the entire day when shooting a live music program. This is because the rehearsal (when he was promoting) began at 6 am!


Then he described how the rehearsal went.

“So how the rehearsal happens is, all the singers sit in the audience seats and watch. Then each singer goes up on stage and does the rehearsal. Of course, everyone has no makeup on and is wearing their own clothes (not stage clothes).”


He gave an explanation as to why idol groups are always so tired. Filming a music program was apparently extremely tiring because they begin rehearsing at 6 am and by the time they get home, it becomes 10-11 pm. Then the next day, the schedule repeats with another music program.

“There’s a total of three rehearsals. There’s the first rehearsal, a rehearsal after wearing our complete stage outfits, then a camera rehearsal. After the first rehearsal, we go to the shop to get our makeup done, eat, and then take a nap. Then do the next rehearsal and then take a nap again.”


Then he spoke about how boy groups behave during rehearsals when girl groups are watching.


He explained that all singers appearing on a music show put on in-ear headphones that allow the person to hear the sounds coming from the mics.


During the rehearsal, the singer on standby can hear all of the sounds made from the mics of the singer rehearsing on stage. So, if the singer on standby so happens to be a girl group, this is what boy groups do.


They add extra improvisations and overdo themselves to look good in front of the girl group. He added that even terrible singers suddenly become really good from all the pressure.

In the end, boy groups are boys too!


Watch the full video below:

Source: Dispatch