Boyfriend Vents Worries To “Love Naggers” About How His Rich Girlfriend Pays Rent For Her Idol

She paid for his rent and more!

Love Naggers is a show that has viewers sending in their various concerns about their love life. A fixed panel including models Han Hye Jin and Joo Woo Jae, personalities Kim Sook and Seo Jang Hoon then consult on the problems. Often times, actors are invited on the show to film a scenario of the issue sent in.

Recently, a story made waves in the news when a boyfriend send in his concern of his girlfriend who sends expensive gifts to her idol. The boyfriend had met his girlfriend through a re-selling app when he wanted to sell his used camera. He shared that his girlfriend was perfect from head to toe and had a great job that earned lots of money to boot. While having a meal with his girlfriend’s brother, the brother revealed to him that his sister had been sending branded gifts to her idol. Not only that, she had been in personal contact with the idol and paying his rent at a swanky one-room apartment every month.

The boyfriend ultimately asked her to simply just like her idol from afar and to stop providing financial support. However, as the idol was someone she really liked as a fan and as the idol was known as a “failed idol”, she wanted to help him continue to pursue his dreams of singing.

While some viewers voiced out concerns that the girlfriend was going too far, others were in support of the girlfriend. She had zero debts and it was her own money that she earned. She even supported her boyfriend while he was job-hunting and coached him for job interviews. Not once did she accept money from him and she even returned the camera she bought from him once they began dating. She had begun fangirling due to problems she was facing at home. Not only was she having to pay for her father’s interest in the stock market, she often supplied her brother with money to supplement his gaming.

  • “Why are people saying things to the boyfriend? To say that paying for rent is still fangirling, it’s actually closer to being a sponsor. Isn’t it crossing the line towards your partner, to act like that to a celebrity?”
  • “The rent was abit much.”
  • “I’m shocked. I guess she doesn’t know what’s wrong about it. Boyfriend, please run away.”
  • “She paid for his rent?”
  • “The brother is the worst trash. Although the rent was too much. Although I’m also a fangirl, that’s not it. The girl also needs to cut off ties with her family.”
  • “It was all okay up to the rent…”

What do you guys think about this concern?

Source: theqoo