“Boys Planet” Contestant Is Winning Over Fans Who Discovered His Old Social Media Post About Same-Sex Relationships

After his PR video, fans quickly discovered his social media page.

As Boys Planet, a trainee survival show modeled after the program Girls Planet 999 that created Kep1er, gets closer and closer to its premiere date, fans have been absorbing all information about the trainees as it becomes available.

Some trainees have already gained attention for their activities before the show, like Jay Chang for his activities internationally with pre-debut trainee Beomhan

…and Jeon Ho Young, who fans realized played a significant role in the Netflix series, To All The Boys I Loved. 

Others like Maeda Haruto have gained attention for hilarious viral moments brought on by their personalities.


⚠️ib: on video “i look good in real life, right?” yes haruto you are! #haruto #boysplanet

♬ som original – kiki 🥊

Another trainee has recently won over fans who discovered an old post made by him on his social media accounts about same-sex relationships.

Zhang Hao is a Chinese trainee under YUEHUA Entertainment who initially gained attention following his PR video, where he performed a violin cover of BLACKPINK‘s “Shut Down.”

| Mnet
| Mnet

Fans quickly discovered what appeared to be the trainee’s old social media account and began looking through the content, including pictures and photos from years ago.

One post that has stood out to fans is one where Zhang Hao seems to take a negative stance against opposite-sex couples. In one part of the post, he asks, “why would opposite-sex marriage ever exist in the world?

Haha~~ I can’t ever accept opposite-sex marriages…so gross…why would opposite-sex marriage ever exist in the world! Being together when you’re not the same sex, that’s so hardcore!! I can’t understand it.

— Zhang Hao

It was explained that this was his way of showing support to same-sex couples by using the same language that homophobic people use, giving it a “heterophobic” spin. In the recent past, edgy ways of supporting social issues were extremely popular, like the FCKH8 movement in Western countries.

FCKH8 uses edgy advertising to show support of certain social issues.

Zhang Hao’s “heterophobic” post quickly won fans over, who are now hopeful he will make the final debut team!

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