“Boys Planet” Ricky’s Expensive Designer Accessories Prove He Really Is “Young And Rich”

He really IS young and rich!

One of the most popular and stand-out trainees of the “Boys Planet” survival series is Yuehua Entertainment‘s Ricky.

Ricky | Mnet

The star attracted attention from the start with his hilarious introduction, where he introduced himself as “young and rich, tall and handsome” and asked fans if they’d like to go shopping with him in English, Mandarin, and Korean.

His personality and stunning visuals have made him a popular choice, reflected in his rankings over the show’s last few episodes.

Several Boys Planet participants recently made public appearances where fans could see their gorgeous visuals up close. Fans were left in awe of how handsome top trainee Sung Hanbin is.

Ricky also stepped out to visit his ads and chatted with fans while doing so.

As photos of the trainee were shared online, there was one thing that fans couldn’t help but notice — the fancy watch on his wrist.


Ricky is wearing the Chanel BOY*FRIEND watch, which retails for around $27,000 USD!

This is not the only expensive designer watch in his collection — the star was photographed wearing the Royal Oak Offshore Diver watch in Turqoiuse from the luxury brand Audemars Piguet. This pricey watch is nearly double the first, ranging from $45,000 USD to $55,000 USD.


Ricky is known for his tagline of being “young & rich” and these expensive AF accessories just proved that it is true! 


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