THE BOYZ’s Eric Had Quite The Audition Story Thanks To A Company Staff Member

I guess he was destined to become a K-Pop idol!

THE BOYZ’s Eric met with Eric Nam for an episode on Dive Studios and revealed his wild audition story to becoming a K-Pop idol.

His audition story starts with his mom asking if he would like to try for a global audition that was happening soon. Although he did not have any prior singing or dancing skills, his mom felt that it would be a good experience for him to have for other auditions.

On the day of the audition, he didn’t have any skills besides introducing himself in English. Surprisingly, the company asked him to come back for the second round of auditions!

For the second round, he was to prepare singing, dancing, rapping, and acting.

Thinking back on it now, he didn’t know why he was the most worried about acting.

For the acting portion, he acted out a line from the famous drama The Heirs and ended up creating quite the awkward situation.

He ended up running out the door from embarrassment, but the company staff member chased after him and brought him back.

What was wild about this audition was that although auditions are usually a one time chance, Eric was actually called back by the staff and even received a quick vocal lesson before singing multiple times.

After that fiasco ended, the company asked him again to come back for a third round of auditions.

Although he was tired of the auditions by then, he pushed through and ultimately became a K-Pop idol.

I guess some people are just destined to become a K-Pop star! Watch the full story below!