THE BOYZ Haknyeon Spotted Supporting His Friend SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

The Jeju boys have to stick together.

Since both THE BOYZ and SEVENTEEN had been attending the same festival, the former was spotted jamming out to SEVENTEEN’s performance of “Aju Nice”.


There was someone in particular though that was enjoying it far more than anyone else: Haknyeon.

With his water bottle held high, he swung it up and down as if it was a light stick while he smiled brightly. And, he wasn’t only enjoying the performance as SEVENTEEN’s junior.

He and Seungkwan are friends, close enough that Haknyeon calls him whenever he needs help with certain problems. And, sometimes they take time to simply chat like this moment from a previous year of the Idol Star Athletics Championship.

Since they both share the hometown of Jeju, that brought them even closer. So, Seungkwan must’ve been happy to know his friend Haknyeon was cheering him on.