THE BOYZ’s Halloween Photocards Go Viral For Their Hysterical Costumes

Fans can’t get enough of these hilarious costumes!

THE BOYZ have made a name for themselves when it comes to intricate Halloween costumes at this point, and fans are always excited to see what they have in store! The group typically produces a decent amount of Halloween content, including a dance practice in full costume and releasing Halloween photocards. Here are two previous years’ photocards in full costume:

THE BOYZ | @bee11lieve/Twitter

THE BOYZ | @bee11lieve/Twitter

This year, though, there was no Halloween content release as the group was respecting the period of mourning due to the Itaewon tragedy. Though there is still no release of a dance practice video, THE BOYZ have released their Halloween photocards, and fans are going crazy over their costumes!

THE BOYZ | @kt_sseul/Twitter

THE BOYZ | @kt_sseul/Twitter

Fans had a lot to say about each costume and how well thought out each one was!




Even though fans didn’t get a Halloween dance practice video like anticipated this year, there is much to look forward to for next year since THE BOYZ’s costumes only get better and better!