THE BOYZ Members Reveal The Unusual Punishment They Receive If They’re Late For Schedules

They hilariously admitted it’s a necessary consequence.

THE BOYZ were the most recent guests on the Zach Sang Show, where they joined radio show host Zach Sang for the first time on his popular program.

THE BOYZ | @ZachSangShow/Twitter

At the beginning of the interview, Zach Sang noted how THE BOYZ is the largest K-Pop group he’s hosted on his variety program to date as he welcomed all eleven members into his studio.

Curious about their group dynamic, Zach Sang asked the group to share about their experience working together, and they revealed some of the advantages and disadvantages of having so many members as well as individual members’ specific roles within the group.

THE BOYZ shared that in order to operate efficiently as a group, the 11 members split responsibilities.

Eric noted that leader Sangyeon helps keep the group on track and guides them through hardships. He continued by pointing out Q and Juyeon as the main dancers of the group who help lead performances. Eric named Sangyeon, Kevin, New, and Jacob as a few of the vocal-line members who monitor live performances and revealed that he helps keep track of the members’ schedules before the members hilariously reminded him that he, Jacob, and Kevin are also the “Google Translate” line that helps translate the group’s answers to English.

Jacob added that there are also “unofficial roles” within the group and used himself and New as examples.

New is unofficially in charge of selecting gifts for staff members, and Jacob manages members who are late to schedules.

Eric interjected to add that the members who are late pay fines, and Jacob confirmed that the unusual consequence is in place to try and cut down on the tardiness. Jacob hilariously added that the members would “always” be late if they didn’t pay fines.

Eric concluded that because the members know each other so well, they know each others’ strengths and how to balance each other out in their roles.

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