THE BOYZ’s Eric Names One Unexpected Advantage Of The Group Having 11 Members

The members detail their experience as a large group.

Fourth-generation K-Pop boy group THE BOYZ recently joined popular radio show host Zach Sang for an interview on his show, Zach Sang Show, during which they opened up about their recent comeback, Kevin‘s love for Beyoncé, and what it’s like being members of an 11-member group.

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Zach Sang, being a longtime K-Pop fan, has had multiple K-Pop artists as guests on his show. Among his past guests, including Eric NamBTS‘s RM, BLACKPINK, aespa, Stray Kids, and more, he noted that THE BOYZ was the first large group he’s hosted as the 11 members joined him live in the studio.

As one of the largest groups he’s interviewed, Zach Sang wanted to know more about the inner workings of their group dynamic.

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While THE BOYZ acknowledged that having 11 members can have its minor setbacks, including a longer time in the recording studio, the members had overwhelmingly positive things to say about their experiences in a large group.

Jacob shared that each member has their own unique skill set and charm that they bring to the group. He noted that what one member may “lack,” another member makes up for, so THE BOYZ members balance each other out in a positive way.

He added that when they perform, they feel more “safety as a team, ” revealing that they’ve worked hard on their teamwork over the years.

Ultimately, he shared there’s never a dull moment between the 11 close members.

After Jacob contributed heartwarming and serious reasons why having a large group is an advantage, Eric hilariously shared another unexpected advantage when he added that if one of the 11 members ended up in a fight with someone, they would have a higher chance of winning because they all have each others’ backs.

Eric quickly added he was joking while Zach Sang hilariously responded that it’s true because THE BOYZ “roll deep.

Check out THE BOYZ’s full interview with Zach Sang below!


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