Popular Fourth-Gen Idol Hits 1000th Day Of Leaving A Message Every Day To Fans

He is so sincere and sweet to his fans.

THE BOYZ’s Younghoon garnered attention recently on an online community board for his Bubble messages. A fan revealed he had reached his 1000th day of checking in on the fan platform app daily.

Starting on August 19, 2021, he posted a message stating that he would leave a message for fans daily. Here’s why he started it!

I’ll come on here more often after my phone for private messaging is fixed. Just wait a bit more. Is it ok if I leave one message here every night before bed? Ok, then I’ll leave a message here every day until I fix it.

— Younghoon

Recently, fans revealed that he had hit his 1000th day of leaving a message daily to fans! He started this while on the Universe app and continued even when he switched to Bubble!

To celebrate his 1000th day, here are some of his popular messages sent to fans!

| theqoo

Tell me if there’s someone bothering you. I’ll get hit for you.

Let me explain something. This mirror is just weird. I’m not using a filter, the mirror itself is just wavy like that. The mirror is just strange.

Eat Me. Ah there could be some misunderstanding. I’m saying to eat the heart. This is what I mean.

Wow, you’re using your vacation day to see us? (Nine crying emojis)

Fans couldn’t help but smile seeing Younghoon smile while checking all the messages sent on Bubble.

Netizens were shocked at his commitment to leaving messages and agreed the fans were lucky to stan such an amazing idol!

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Wow daebak!”
  • “He will succeed in whatever he does. Being consistent is a huge skill to have.”
  • “Amazing.”
  • “Every day for a 1000 days? Wow so amazing. So jealous of his fans…”
  • “1000 day…crazy!”
  • “Wow every day for a 1000 days? Amazing.”
  • “Wow he must be healthy..and he’s handsome.”
  • “This is true sincerity.”
  • “He’s handsome, amazing.”
  • “So sincere and sweet.”
  • “He’s good looking and good at communicating…this type of person needs to be known.”
  • “This is true sincerity. But his messages are so funny.”
  • “Fans are getting their money’s worth. So sweet.”
  • “How sincere of him, sending messages every day…and for a 1000 days.”
  • “Wow amazing, I like Younghoon.”

Wow, now that is what you call commitment!

Source: theqoo


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