Brave Girls’ Minyoung Shares The Story Of When Her Grandfather With Alzheimer’s Cried After Recognizing Her On TV

What a moment to remember.

Brave Girls member Minyoung has broken the hearts of the nation with her heart wrenching story.

| @BRAVEGIRLS_/Twitter

Brave Girls is continuing to prove their popularity by appearing on all the hit variety programs. They recently went on Knowing Bros where they had a chance to talk about their life stories. It was here that Minyoung shared a personal story about her family.

She started the story by sharing that it all happened after a phone call.

“I received a call from my older cousin.” | JTBC

Minyoung then continued that her older cousin called her because of their grandfather.


My grandfather is not doing well and his health is not good.

— Minyoung

It was here that the Brave Girls member shared that her grandfather suffers from Alzheimer’s and that he can’t recognize her.


He is currently suffering from Alzheimer’s and so usually, he doesn’t recognize me.

— MInyoung

However, Minyoung shared that after the group’s viral success and continuous popularity, her grandfather did the unthinkable.


But, my cousin told me that my grandfather saw me on television and started to cry.

— Minyoung

She relayed her gratitude to her cousin by reiterating the significance of the phone call.


My cousin called me to tell me that our grandfather shed tears for me.

— Minyoung

We just know that Minyoung will remember that phone call for the rest of her life. You can check out the segment of the girls down below.

Source: Insight and Tumblr