Brave Girls Suddenly Change The Album Cover For “Rollin'” On All Platforms

The new cover is gorgeous!

Brave Girls‘ 2017 song “Rollin’” continues to climb up the charts; however, suddenly, the album cover is different!

Recently, Brave Girls’ 2017 title track “Rollin’” has gained immense popularity after an edited compilation video of the group’s performances went viral on YouTube. It quickly rose on the Korean music charts, and on February 27, it gave Brave Girls their first #1 on a music chart.

The Old Cover | Brave Entertainment

On March 2, Brave Girls’ album cover for “Rollin’” was suddenly replaced with a new image depicting the girls in a beach environment. After being switched on Bugs, it was soon changed on every other platform such as Melon, Genie, and FLO.

The New Cover | Brave Entertainment

The group’s agency, Brave Entertainment, explained that they made the change due to an overwhelming amount of requests from fans after its popularity.

We changed the album cover for ‘Rollin” on Bugs. There were many requests to change the album cover, so we decided to take the feedback into account. One by one, we will be changing the cover on other music sites as well.”

—Brave Entertainment Representative

| @BRAVEGIRLS_/Twitter

The agency also replied that nothing has been decided for a Brave Girls music show comeback. Many fans were hoping to see the girls perform “Rollin'” once again.

Do you like the change?

Source: Herald POP