[★BREAKING] Sulli and Kim Min Jun are in a relationship

Sulli is reported to have been in a relationship with a brand director named Kim Min Jun for 2 months.

According to a new breaking report, Sulli has been in a relationship for 2 months with a 35-year-old brand director named Kim Min Jun.

Multiple entertainment personnel stated that the two have been friends ever since they met through mutual friends.

The report stated that Sulli and Kim Min Jun have been enjoying dates in public and many have seen them together at locations such as Itaewon, Seoul.

Kim Min Joon is a part of a hip-hop crew called 360 SOUNDS which was established in 2005 and works in management.

He is also a successful businessman who runs a renowned restaurant in Itaewon and even launched his own line of furniture and bags.

Sulli was confirmed to have broken up with Choiza in March.

Source: SBS funE