A Bride And Her Friends Garner Mixed Responses After Photos Of Their Sarcastic Sashes Go Viral

Did their joke go too far or just far enough?

A photo of a bride and her friends is going viral because of the sarcastic sashes that were worn by the bride’s friends. On an online community, a netizen uploaded this photo with the title, “problematic photo of a bride’s friends” and it has since sparked an interesting debate between netizens.

The photo in question features the bride and three of her female friends posing as one would do at a wedding. The issue, however, lies in the sashes worn by the bride’s friends and the text that is written on each sash.

| theqoo

The first friend’s (from the left) sash reads,

Friend #1 | theqoo

Seeing you walk down the aisle gives hope to the rest of us.

— Friend #1

Continuing with the sarcasm, the second friend’s (third from the left) sash says,

Friend #2 | theqoo

I hope you guys have a fiery first night together. Oh, never mind it’s not your guys’ first time.

— Friend #2

Lastly, the third friend’s sash reads,

Friend #3 | theqoo

If you ever fight with your oppa, call me. We can go to the club and I’ll keep it a secret from him.

— Friend #3

And while some netizens found this photo amusing, others believed that the joke was purposely created to “cause trouble,” which sparked a debate between the two sides.

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  • “If they took a photo like that together, it probably means that they asked for permission first. Personally, I would end my friendships if my friends came like that.”
  • “I’d personally really hate it…it kind of seems like they’re purposely causing trouble.”
  • “I’m sure the bride gave them permission. Geez.”
  • “If the people involved said it was okay, it’s none of your business.”
  • “I don’t understand the problem. For f*ck’s sake, go live in your boring world alone.”
  • “It seems like the friends wanted to create fun memories. It’s not like they’re doing it in the middle of the ceremony, but it looks like they took the picture in the bride’s dressing room? They’ll figure it out.”
  • “I thought about it, but if my husband and his friends did something like that, I would hate it (although I’m sure they all asked for permission in advance.)”
  • “Why do you all care? They probably got the okay from one another.”

What do you all think about the photo?

Source: theqoo