BT21 Chimmy’s Backstory Will Make You Shed A Tear

He used to always be alone.

BT21 has recently been releasing backstories of the characters, and Chimmy‘s past will make you shed a tear or two.

Chimmy was abandoned on a cold, winter day. Left inside a box, he had nothing but a harmonica to keep him company. He did not know why he was abandoned or even who he was, but it was okay as long as he had his dear harmonica.

Whenever Chimmy was sad, he would play his harmonica. No one was there to listen to him, and all he longed for was someone to listen. Time passed, and yet Chimmy was still alone. He would try to build friends with the things around him, but they would always end up breaking or leaving.

But on one winter day, things changed. After he made snowmen on a rooftop (and had one of their heads slide off), Chimmy realized he was alone once again. Feeling sad, he sat on the edge of the roof and played his harmonica.

But he was not alone. BT21’s Van can be seen flying behind Chimmy, listening. And when Chimmy stopped playing, he saw Tata next to him, listening and clapping once he’s done. For once, he was not alone. And now he never will be.

Watch the touching backstory here: