BTS’s V Is Helping People With Low Self-Esteem Gain Confidence

He hopes to “spread love” through his BT21 character, TATA.

BTS‘s V has a beautiful heart, and he’s opening it up to those who are struggling to love themselves.

In the season finale of BT21 UNIVERSE 3, each BTS member was asked about the deeper meanings behind their BT21 characters.

V hopes that the character he personally designed, TATA, will help others gain the confidence they need in life.

“What does love mean to TATA when we say that TATA ‘spreads love’?” the staff asked.

“I hope it has more meaning than just ‘spreading love’,” he replied.

“Like, it’s great that TATA can help those with low self-esteem gain confidence, and I think TATA’s job is to be a missing piece that fills up what each person lacks.”  

This message is touching the hearts of many fans, for whom V has been a comforting “missing piece”.

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