BTOB’s Eunkwang Reveals The Hardest Part Of Being The Groups’ Leader

There is a lot of responsibilty!

As one of the veteran groups in K-Pop, BTOB has been through it all. In particular, as the groups’ leader, Eunkwang has had to try and stay strong during all those moments, and it can’t have been easy.


Eunkwang was recently a guest on DIVE Studios‘ ‘UNBOXING’ w/ ASTRO’s JINJIN and PENTAGON’s KINO. Knowing how both rewarding and difficult the role is, ASTRO‘s JinJin asked him what the happiest moment was for him as the leader.

Although Eunkwang had many, his first thought was more recent as the group is currently participating in Mnet‘s Kingdom. The members recently split into teams to perform vocal, dance, and rap units.

I was so proud. For Peniel, he’s never done a dance performance like that before. I was worried, but he was so good and watching it, like how parents feel, I thought that the members are doing great.

— Eunkwang

Even though those moments are great, Eunkwang also pointed that there are times that can be difficult, even after ten years. In particular, he looked specifically at some of his members.

For Peniel, his family is in the states, and he can’t go there often. And I’m not enough to take care of him. He needs to work, but I also want to let him go to the States.

— Eukwang

It wasn’t just Peniel that he was worried about. It seemed like he thought that sometimes he needed to do more as a leader to help the members during their daily lives.

Changsub was sick recently, so he stopped working for two weeks. I thought that if I was more attentive, it wouldn’t have happened. I want to be more caring.

— Eunkwang

Despite his worries, there is no doubt that Eunkwang is a phenomenal leader to his group and those younger than him, as seen during Kingdom.

You can watch the whole episode below.