Here’s The BTOB MV Minhyuk Couldn’t Watch Until 5 Years Later

He was too embarrassed to watch it or listen to it.

Since BTOB debuted ten years ago, it’s only natural for them to have moments they were embarrassed by. For Minhyuk, one of those was a music video he refused to lay his eyes on until years afterward.

Minhyuk | @hutazone/Instagram

When fact-checking his Namuwiki page, it said one of the group’s music videos was “his embarrassing moment” and was why Minhyuk “didn’t listen to it for years or look at the video for nearly five years.

Eunkwang hadn’t even known and asked why. Minhyuk admitted, “Just looking at it, I just can’t see it because it’s so bad.

The music video turned out to be “Insane” and wasn’t the only song from their debut mini-album that still held embarrassing memories.

Changsub felt similarly about the song “Imagine”. Everyone laughed when he explained that he still listens to it but can’t understand how he missed singing an important part of the song.

I listen to myself missing the note while singing ‘Imagine’ in the car about once every month. I say to myself, ‘How did I miss a note like that?’

— Changsub

With all the experience they have now, BTOB’s debut music video would’ve turned out much differently. But, seeing how much a group improves over the years is what makes being a fan so precious.