BTOB’s Peniel Shares What Drives Him To Exercise…And It’s Relatable AF

Peniel has a hilarious reason why he works out.

In a recent episode of Dive StudiosGET REAL, BTOB‘s Peniel, KARD‘s BM, and former Ladies’ Code member Ashley Choi spoke about staying fit and exercising.

BTOB’s Peniel | @btobpeniel/Instgram

Ashley Choi asked Peniel and BM, who both work out frequently, about their motivations for exercising, and Peniel had a hilarious answer.

BTOB’s Peniel

Peniel shared that he exercises to stay healthy and because he tends to “eat like crap“.

Ashley Choi: Is your motivation behind working out just to stay healthy or to maintain a certain figure? What drives you to go to the gym?

Peniel: Stay healthy, cause I think I kind of eat like crap.

BM: Yeah, you love crappy food.

— Conversation between Ashley Choi, Peniel, and BM

| DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube

“Crappy” food is a big motivation for Peniel when it comes to exercising.

Alright, I got to do this (exercise) to eat that crappy food.

— Peniel

| DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube

Peniel also shared that he doesn’t want to get a six-pack and that he would have a cleaner diet if he cared about getting one.

I’m not trying to get a six-pack or anything. If I was, I would probably eat a lot cleaner. It’s just like, ‘do these workouts, and I can eat crappy’.

— Peniel

| DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!