BTOB’s Peniel Is Friends With ALL Of His Ex-Girlfriends, Here’s Why

He’s so wholesome 🥺

Although he’s an idol, BTOB‘s Peniel hasn’t been afraid to open up about his dating life and the experiences he’s had in relationships. When it came to breakups, he revealed why he still remains friends with his ex-lovers.


After rookie singer-songwriter DEMIAN shared his own experience with an especially rough breakup, Peniel revealed that all his relationships ended in the complete opposite way.

Peniel, DEMIAN, pH-1, and Ashley Choi.

When Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi voiced her thought that Peniel would be no-nonsense about a breakup, he agreed but left them surprised by saying that he remained friends with all of his ex-girlfriends.

Peniel: Let’s say we didn’t date for too long, then I’m just like, ‘Yeah, I think we’re better off as friends.’

Producer: Do you need it, though? Do you still want to be friends?

Peniel: Yeah. I’m friends with all my exes.

If Peniel has been dating someone for a long time, he took a different approach to the breakup. He’ll “be honest” about how he’s tried to make the relationship work and what hasn’t improved, then gently suggest they should part ways. There was a reason Peniel was so kind to his exes.

Since breakups can be extremely emotional, Ashley Choi asked if any of his ex-girlfriends ever broke down in tears and begged him to stay. Making them laugh, Peniel admitted that it’s never happened to him and that he did his best to turn the breakup into a lighthearted experience.

No. I try to end it on a good note. Without, you know, fireworks of tears.

— Peniel

From the sensitive way Peniel handles breakups, he’s just a sweet guy who doesn’t want to upset anyone he cares about—even if they can’t be in a relationship. After all, who wouldn’t want to remain friends with someone who treated them so kindly, especially in such a raw moment?

Listen to Peniel share the wholesome reason he can remain friends with his exes.