BTOB’s Peniel Bravely Supports #StopAsianHate During Live Online Concert And More

We stan the right man.

As the number of Asian-hate crimes increase, many stars have been calling for support globally to stop Asian hate. Not only have BTS and GOT7‘s Mark Tuan personally responded to the issue, other K-Pop stars such as CL, Eric Nam and Epik High‘s Tablo have all spread word about the matter.

BTOB‘s Peniel has recently been attracting praise and attention for his particularly public support for the matter. He been constantly alerting his followers of issues and updates through his Instagram. His most recent share has been a clip of a town hall meeting in West Chester, Ohio.

| @btobpeniel/Instagram

In the clip, trustee Lee Wong bravely revealed a scar-ridden chest to everyone, questioning if the scars, sustained during service in the U.S Military, made him enough of a patriot, despite his skin color and facial features.

Not only that, BTOB took part in 2021’s Red Angel Festival: Coronavirus Overcoming Cheer. The online K-Pop festival took place on March 20, 2021. Other groups such as TXT and Golden Child also took the stage. During a speech portion of the show, Peniel not only made sure to show support for those going through a rough patch due to coronavirus, he also made the simple and bold statement, “Stop Asian hate“.

Korean netizens have praised him for the matter with “he’s worth my fangirling” and “I learn about global issues through my idols’ socials.

As someone that grew up in America as an Asian, Peniel would feel closer to the issue than anyone else. We’re sure the Asian community is thankful for his support.

Source: pann