Here’s How Much BTS Gets Paid for Each Advertisement They Model For

They’re the hottest models out there right now, and they get paid much more than the average top star.

BTS has recently been gaining attention for the astronomical cost of their bodies when it comes to modeling for advertisements.

Just a few days ago, Sisa Press reported that according to a source in the advertisement industry, BTS earns around 3 billion won (~$2.5 million US) for each advertisement.

According to media sources, BTS are the hottest models out there right now, and the amount they get paid per advertisement is much higher than that of the average top star.

The average models that advertisement companies employ get paid around 1 billion won (~$845,000 US), and it has been additional reported that the queen of skating, Kim Yuna also made around 1 billion to 1.4 billion during her prime.

For that reason, the fact that BTS earns almost 3 times that amount is very impressive, but perhaps not that surprising if the scale of their international influence is taken into consideration.

Source: Insight