BTS’s Album “BE” Made Jungkook’s 3-Year-Old Wish Come True

His wish from 2017 was made true.

BTS is living proof that if you dream it, you can do it. Their passion, dedication, and hard work have made many of their wishes come true, including one Jungkook made.

2017 was a landmark year in BTS history. BTS released their repackaged album You Never Walk Alone, embarked on their second world tour, and began the LOVE YOURSELF era with their fifth EP, LOVE YOURSELF: Her. They also flew to Hawaii to film Season 2 of their travel reality show, Bon Voyage.

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In Episode 8, Jungkook made a wish that BE has now granted.

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“I don’t know when we can do this,” he said. “but I hope to produce the entire album.”

He wanted BTS to be behind every part of the creative process…

…from the album art…

…to the outfits in their music videos.

Just as Jungkook wished, the members were responsible for every part of BE‘s process, including video production, music management, and much more.