BTS May Be On Vacation, But That Doesn’t Mean That ARMYs Are Too

Fans are busy with the content BTS is dropping during vacation!

Recently an online community board posted the amount of posts and interaction the BTS members had with their fans and shocked netizens online. Although the group officially announced that they were on vacation for the rest of the year, the members continued to communicate with fans in various ways.

A fan combined the number of content the members posted online through Instagram, for a total of 222 photos and 30 videos in a span of just one week. 

The post also revealed the amount of times the members stopped by the fan community platform Weverse.

| Weverse

And we can’t forget to mention Twitter!

| @bts_twt/Twitter

Netizens agreed that there isn’t any time off when you’re an ARMY!

  • “The fact that I actually thought that I would have time to catch up on BTS content while they were on vacation…”
  • “They said it was BTS that was on vacation, not ARMYs!”
  • “When BTS said vacation, I guess they meant a vacation hanging out with ARMYs.”
  • “The more you fall for BTS the busier your life gets!”
Source: nate pann