ARMYs Celebrate The 6th Anniversary of This BTS Anthem

“I miss you.”

On February 13, 2017, BTS released “Spring Day” as the title single of their album You Never Walk Alone. Six years later, fans are bringing this power ballad back once again, celebrating its well-deserved anniversary.

Known to be “that one iconic, timeless song” that somehow always makes it back on the music charts, “Spring Day” has impacted many people’s lives—for the better. The sentimental song talks about missing someone so much that they are metaphorically waiting for the “seasons to change” so that they can be reunited again.

Whether the lyrics are about missing a friend, BTS missing its ARMY, or the horrible incident of the Sewol Ferry tragedy, the song holds a universal theme of missing someone’s presence—and both the raw lyrics and vocal deliverance successfully reaches the heart of listeners and brings out the emotion of longing.

You Never Walk Alone was one of the most streamed albums on Melon of all time and”Spring Day” was a huge success. It was awarded “Song of the Year” at the 2017 Melon Music Awards, is marked as the longest charting song in Melon history, and was even rated number one in Rolling Stone’s list of “The 100 Best BTS Songs”.

In addition, the song broke history by becoming the first K-Pop group to be reach the Top 10 songs on iTunes and Bang Si Hyuk himself tweeted about it.

Some fans have confessed that this song marked the beginning of their journey with BTS and becoming an ARMY.

Other fans simply showed their appreciation and thankfulness for the existence of this song.

What does “Spring Day” mean to you?

Source: YouTube, Rolling Stone and Twitter