Detective ARMYs May Have Discovered A Clue About BTS’s Next Comeback

This hint is hidden in plain sight.

Love Yourself: Answer dropped less than two weeks ago, but that hasn’t stopped ARMY from theorizing about BTS‘s next comeback.


BTS’s theory-loving fans are always searching for new hints about BTS’s future work, and it looks like they may have found one.


This symbol is part of Dior‘s latest tribal-inspired line, but some ARMYs believe that it wasn’t chosen at random. It can be seen on J-Hope‘s blazer…


Jimin‘s collar…


Suga‘s blazer and necklace…


V‘s shirt, and more.


Even though BTS wear plenty of luxury brands, the members and their stylists rarely choose outfits at random. For instance, the eccentric designer outfits in BTS’s “S Version” concept photos were likely inspired by famous pop icons.

BTS’s “Answer” Outfits Were Probably Inspired By These Pop Legends And You Didn’t Even Realize


Fans aren’t sure what this tribal symbol could hit at, but they do have some interesting ideas!


On the other hand, these tribal designs may have been chosen simply to fit in with BTS’s current concept. BTS’s dazzling “IDOL” suits were likely inspired by African style.


These printed outfits are called by many names in different regions of Africa, such as “Ankara” in Nigeria and “Kitenge” in Kenya.


Is this Dior design a hint or not? Fans will have to wait until the next comeback to find out!