Meet Mark, The Youngest A.R.M.Y. Member In The World

He stole everyone’s heart with his love of BTS.

When fans first met Mark in 2017, he was the world’s biggest ARMY and the youngest since he hadn’t even turned 5 years old yet!


At the time, his sister posted a video of his “Blood Sweat & Tears” dance cover.


And from there, fans fell in love with his enthusiastic adoration for BTS!


Fans loved how he dreamed of being able to dance just like Jimin…


As well as wanting to play the piano just like Suga!


ARMY didn’t know which was cuter, BTS’s filter videos or Mark’s reactions to them!


At the time, fans we tickled to see Mark’s shocked reaction to V’s loving pets!


And he even tried to pet RM!


The videos perfectly embodied his overwhelming love for his idols!


Ever the artistic ARMY, Mark also proved he loved to draw his BTS hyungs.


And he always drew them so on point!


The color scheme on his Jimin portrait was absolutely stunning!


Not to mention how passionate he was about his artwork too!


Although his sister hasn’t updated his fellow ARMYs on his love for BTS since the original posts, everyone knows this little ARMY is in the fandom for life!