BTS Couldn’t Wrap Their Heads Around The Art Film Either, But They Believe In ARMYs

“Our fans are really good at this sort of thing now…”

The newest Bangtan Bomb video captured BTS gathering to watch and react to their promotional “Black Swan” art film.


From the very beginning of the video, the members are bamboozled…

There’s something in English… It’s… something profound. I can’t quite make it out either…



… and throughout the viewing, BTS barely react as they become so captivated by their own content. Look at the twinkle in their eyes, as they watch on in radio silence:


ARMYs, who looked forward to getting more insight about the song and its meaning from this video, couldn’t help but crack up at how so completely lost BTS themselves seemed too!

Jungkook: Is that what it is…?
Jin: Wow, it’s so well made.
Jimin: That could be it, maybe.
Jungkook: Wow, I was so captivated…
Jimin: This could be tough to grasp.


The only clue, if a clue at all, comes from RM who mentions that “Black Swan” will make more sense once the rest of the album gets revealed.

It could be difficult… but I think once the album comes out and the rest of the tracks are revealed, and then you see where the story takes you… then I think you’ll be able to see it more clearly.

— RM


They concluded though, that ARMYs, who have become experts at interpreting all things BTS, will likely be able to handle analyzing the message themselves!

RM: Our fans are really good at this sort of thing now.
Jungkook: Yeah, they can figure it out immediately.


So… looks like you’re on your own. But hey, Jungkook believes in you!


Watch the full episode here: