BTS Always Assemble In This Cute Formation When They Are Turnt Up AF

All aboard the hype train!

BTS members are full of excitement, so it isn’t too hard to get them turnt up AF. And when they do get all worked up, they always end up forming a line – turning into some sort of a hype train. Fans have noticed how they’re always assembling in this train mode and can’t get enough out of it!


It seems to have started with their “21st Century Girls” promotions…

… and fans didn’t think much of it at the time, other than that it’s a cool choreography.


But it became clear by 2017, when BTS were in Hawaii. Pumped up with so much excitement out of the blue, BTS formed this hype train to the music playing in the streets. V led the train, while Jin and J-Hope joined in.


An ARMY spotted these goofballs being goofballs, wide open in the public in Hawaii, and decided to leave a video of it. Check out BTS in impeccable hype train formation:


In 2018, BTS visited Malta and assembled in train mode again – this time while shopping. As soon as Jungkook began feeling the beat, he started bouncing up and down, like a ritual calling forward the hype train…


… and there it appeared. Look how each member falls right into position and thus creating the BTS train!


Fans love this quirky little thing that the members have going on. It shows, undoubtedly, how close the members are – how they know exactly what each other want – and how fun it must be to belong in such a brotherhood!


ARMYs can’t wait to see when the next BTS train will assemble and are keeping their eyes peeled for its next appearance! Toot toot.

Source: THEQOO


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