BTS Had An Awkward Moment On Stage That’s Totally Relatable

This moment from “THE FACT Music Awards” just goes to show that BTS are just like the rest of us.

BTS had a moment at THE FACT Music Awards that might make you say, “that’s so me”.


On April 24, BTS attended the very first U+5G THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS. They became winners of the show’s “Artist of the Year” award, “U+ Idol Live Popularity Award”, “Best Album” award, and the “THE FACT Music Daesang”.


Accepting awards is nothing new for BTS, but giving speeches can still be nerve-wracking for the members. When BTS went up to accept the “U+ Idol Live Popularity Award”, they had a moment that’s super relatable for anyone who’s ever given a group presentation.


Whoever is holding the trophy usually has to speak first, so when accepted the prize…


…he tried to pass it off to his members. Suga dodged this bullet by moving way out of reach, and everyone else avoided taking the flowers and trophy in hand.


Well, almost everyone. V pushed the award into Jimin‘s arms, so he had no choice but to take it!


If Jimin was nervous about speaking first, he didn’t show it. He looked completely at ease as he said his part of the speech, thanking ARMYs for their support. Check out it out here:



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